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As the demand for data continually multiplies year on year the constant challenge for network architects is to keep up with this insatiable appetite for more bandwidth. This bandwidth demand driven by more users, using more devices accessing more data heavy applications such as full screen HD video and big data platforms means that to keep on top of demand network architects need to have the latest and fastest fibre connectivity products at their disposal. PlusOptic pride themselves on providing the most robust fibre connectivity products, utilising the latest technology to deliver the fastest speeds and widest bandwidth available in networking technology today.

PlusOptic provide fibre connectivity solutions that are robust, diverse and offer the same reliability you would expect from OEMs such as Cisco, HP & Brocade. From 100mb through, 1Gb, 10GB, 40Gb to the latest 100Gb fibre connectivity products, PlusOptic have the solutions you need to keep on top of bandwidth demand and keep your network working at optimum performance.

The range of PlusOptic fibre connectivity products includes, transceivers, multiplexers, direct attach cables and fibre cables.

The range of Plusoptic fibre connectivity products are of Tier 1 OEM quality and offer robust solutions that are a fraction of the price of OEM solutions. This combination of quality mixed with value for money has seen PlusOptic being the fibre connectivity solution of choice for many of the largest and most respected companies and organisations throughout the world.

Passive CWDM / DWDM Multiplexing

Our passive CWDM and DWDM multiplexing products come with an extensive range of options that ensure you receive the perfect multiplexing solution, no matter what your needs. Our multiplexing solutions offer a range of speeds from 100Mbps to 10G, and 
un-amplified ranges from 10km up to 120km.

With our solutions, you can either use Fibre Channel or Ethernet optics across a broad range of channels. They are also compatible with the hardware of more than 100 different vendors making it easy to get fibre connectivity to any device in your network, in any location.

• Our Infinimux CWDM Mux Demux Range comes in both simplex and duplex and with 4, 8, 16, or 18 channels.
• Our Apeiron DWDM Mux Demux Range comes in both simplex and duplex and with channels ranging from 16 to 80.

Active Multiplexing and Amplifiers

Our active multiplexing solutions give you the ability to aggregate a variety of disparate services and rates such as Ethernet (FE,GE,10GE), SAN (FC 1,2,4,8), SONET/SDH and Video into single high capacity links between locations.

Available as a chassis based solution in 1,8 and 16 slot formats, we offer a range of line card options to meet all of your optical connectivity requirements, as well as providing full Optical-Electrical-Optical (OEO) isolation and Optical Line Protection (OLP). Coupled with a range of EDFA and SOA amplifier card options this is a truly compact and feature rich solution, that also offers full management support and redundant power supplies.

Compatibility with 100+ Vendors

Plusoptic solutions offer seamless compatibility with over 100 vendors including all the major players such as Cisco, HP, Juniper and Brocade.

PlusOptic are multi-vendor connectivity specialists and pride themselves on seamlessly linking any vendor’s hardware, for instance HP hardware linking to Cisco, Huawei linking to Juniper, Extreme linking to Netgear, simply plug and play, multi-vendor compatibility could not be simpler.

Please note that PlusOptic offer a 100% compatibility guarantee, any PlusOptic product that is not fully compliant with OEM hardware and work the same way as an original OEM product is fully covered by our compatibility guarantee.

PlusOptic Experience

PlusOptic have supplied a myriad of fibre connectivity solutions and PlusOptic products are the backbone for the networks of large, well-known and well respected organisations throughout the world. PlusOptic products are widely used and trusted in the following sectors:

    • Data Centre
    • Telecom/ISP
    • Education
    • Transport
    • Corporate
    • Government
    • Military
    • Health
    • Enterprise

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