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PCIe x4 Gigabit 6 SFP Port Server Adapter
Transmission Rate: 1Gbps
Controller Processor: Genuine Intel® I350
Interface Type: PCI Express v2.1 (5.0 GT/s & 2.5 GT/s) x4 Lane, compatible x8, x16

Equivalent OEM Product: Intel I350-F6

Product Type: PCIe x4 Gigabit 6 SFP Port Server Adapter
Transmission Rate: 1Gbps
Controller Processor: Intel® I350
Interface Type: PCI Express v2.1 (5.0 GT/s & 2.5 GT/s) x4 Lane, compatible x8, x16
Equivalent OEM Product: Intel I350-F6
Connector Type: SFP
Number of Ports: 6 Ports

The NIC-PCIE-6SFP-PLU is PCI Express x4 six-port Gigabit SFP Ethernet server adapter is based on a genuine Intel I350 master control solution. The adapter is designed for use on servers and high-end devices. The performance is optimised, so that system I / O is no longer the bottleneck of high-end network applications. The adapter can be bundled into groups for fault tolerance, automatically detecting and routing communications from the failed port to other members of the same group to continue operation for uninterrupted communication. The adapter has integrated hardware acceleration and is capable of performing TCP/UDP/IP checksum offloading and TCP segmentation tasks. Host processing technology can offload the accelerator and free up CPU resources to free up more CPU resources to handle other applications. The adapter is the ideal solution for deploying multiple networks and deploying critical network applications and environments on high-performance servers.

The NIC-PCIE-6SFP-PLU adapter is equipped with dedicated PCI Express input/output (I/O) bandwidth in a Gigabit Ethernet connection over a fiber network to ensure superior performance without consuming bus bandwidth. The onboard 6 SFP slots are compatible with various Gigabit SFP modules. Users can select the Gigabit fiber modules to be used according to the actual transmission distance without replacing the network card. This adapter supports the PCI-SIG Single-Root I/O virtualization and sharing specification (SR-IOV).
NIC-PCIE-6SFP-PLU network card is suitable for Gigabit fiber optic Ethernet, has excellent noise immunity, and also supports long-distance fiber connection. The adapter supports Intel PRO Smart Install and the new Intel PROSet designed for the Microsoft Device Manager, simplifying the installation and management process. The Intel PROSet program simplifies the installation process for the adapter.

Compatible SFP Modules (not included):
SFP-1G-SX-PLU Multimode SFP
SFP-1G-LX-PLU Singlemode SFP
(PlusOptic DAC and AOC cables are also compatible)

Supported Network Operating Systems (NOS):
Support for most OS, Windows & Linux etc including:
DOS, Novell ODI, Windows 10, Windows XP 32-bit (64-bit), Windows Server 2003 32-bit (64-bit), Windows Vista 32-bit (64-bit), Windows 7 32-bit (64-bit), Windows 8 32-bit(64-bit), Windows 8.1 32-bit (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 32-bit (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 32-bit (64-bit), Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Linux 2.4 series kernel.2.6.x.3.x, FreeBSD 7.x or most of the FreeBSD, UnixWare / Open Unix 8, Sun Solaris x86, Xen4, VMware

PCI Express X4 Bus Width;
IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X Gbit/s Ethernet
IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex and flow control
IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet
IEEE 802.3ad Link aggregation for parallel links

Storage over Ethernet: iSCSI, NFS, SMB
Target Applications: Enterprise servers, blades, embedded systems

Warranty: 3 year warranty

PlusOptic products have a standard 3 year replacement warranty. Extended 5 year warranties can be purchased along with maintenance contracts and forward / next day replacement options. Customers who have High Availability (HA) configurations on their networks are encouraged to contact PlusOptic or a PlusOptic Premier Partner to discuss different options.

If you have any technical or product information questions about this product please contact your reseller or PlusOptic directly.  Data sheets are available upon request for this product if you require more detailed information please email

PlusOptic products are manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited factories and comply with strict international standards.

More Information
Compatible With OEM Part Intel I350-F6
Data Rate 1Gbps
Card Type 6 Port SFP 1Gb
Data Protocol Ethernet
Product Shipping Dimension(HxWxD) 14cm x 2.2cm x 12cm
Vendor PlusOptic
WarrantyComprehensive 3 Year Warranty