Fibre Channel SAN Connectivity

Lossless Raw Block Data - Direct To Your Storage Area Network

Fibre Channel (FC) / Storage Area Network (SAN) Connectivity Solutions

Fibre Channel technology is utilised when connecting servers to a Storage Area Network (SAN). Fibre Channel technology is different to Ethernet technology as it transports lossless, in order, raw block data, and Ethernet is not capable of achieving this. This lossless, high speed protocol is ideal for disk storage and data backups and why it is the most reliable technology for connecting devices to a Storage Area Network.

Fibre Channel predominately operates over fibre cable within or between data centres. Fibre Channel operates at speeds of between 1Gbps – 128 Gbps.

PlusOptic have been offering high speed Fibre Channel Connectivity Solutions for many years and we offer a broad range of Fibre Channel optical transceivers for a vast choice of vendors.

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